Floor Cassettes

Floor cassettes are an exciting new addition to the Maxispan steel building frame portfolio. The floor cassettes consist of an open web floor truss design made from TRUECORE® steel that is fully assembled inclusive of the specified sheet flooring with wet area set-downs incorporated into the design.

Floor cassettes are manufactured and pre-assembled off-site to an optimum size based on the building floor area and transport restrictions. The finished floor area for each cassette is typically 18 to 22m2 and every cassette is fitted with approved lifting lugs which helps to ensure the safe and efficient lifting from the truck to the top of the wall frames on site. In most instances, truck or trailer mounted Hiab cranes can be used which negates the need for a separate crane to be organised.

Maxispan floor cassettes provide for a much faster installation process with fewer men on site for shorter periods of time. It’s an enormous benefit to builders and developers. It’s convenient not having to store materials on site, particularly on small sites where storage space can be limited. Pre-fabrication also means less rubbish is left on our sites and the floor cassettes can be made rain, hail or shine which keeps the project moving along without interruptions.

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