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Are steel frames more expensive than timber?
Steel frames are similar in price to chemically treated timber frames. In addition to peace of mind, you will also save up to $5,000 on termite inspections in every 10-year period.
Can I hang items such as a dryer or a television to the wall of a steel framed home?
Yes. The structural integrity of a steel frame home can incorporate the allowance for the fixing of clothes driers and the like during the framing stage. Alternatively, retrofitting can be done by fixing back to the steel studs or through the use of appropriate plasterboard fasteners.
Can pergolas, verandas and carports be fixed to a steel framed building?
Yes. In the case of fixing to truss ends, rafter brackets are engineered no differently than in the case of traditional building products.
Are steel framed homes noisy?
No. They are subject to less movement than traditional materials providing the additional benefit of minimising plasterboard movement and cracking, which can be extensive and unsightly in a timber framed home.
Do I need termite treatment?
No. The Building Code of Australia only requires termite protection if the structural members of the house are subject to termite attack. Termites do not eat steel.
Are steel framed homes safe in a fire?
Absolutely. Being non-combustible, steel is the preferred choice in areas of high fire risk. A fire in a home constructed with alternative building products can be unpredictable. The movement of fire through the roof space, being spasmodic, allows burning members to fall randomly in wall cavities and throughout the dwelling. CSIRO tests have substantiated that the chance of human survival is considerably increased if the occupier is in a steel framed dwelling.
Will a steel framed home affect my internet and mobile phone coverage?
No. You will find that all electronic devices will work without issue. A good example is the many commercial steel framed buildings such as universities and hospitals that effectively house a wide variety of electronic equipment.
Are steel frames strong?
The properties of steel are known and consistent, and conform to Australian standards or their equivalent. Our modern systems use high tensile steel components and appropriate jointing methods engineered to pass strict performance tests.
Can we do extensions at a later date?
Yes. Future extensions are easily catered for as the original CAD files of the framing drawings are electronically stored with this purpose in mind. The extension can easily be made with the knowledge that the original framing members have remained straight and true.
Are all steel framing systems the same?
No. We choose MAXISPAN frames because of the additional benefits that their system has to offer including:

  • Additional safety with electrical cables, plumbing and data services being protected by plastic grommets inserted into the pre-manufactured service holes of the frame. This is a Building Code of Australia requirement, strictly adhered to by MAXISPAN.
  • MAXISPAN walls are available in widths of 75mm and 90mm sections ensuring achievement of maximum energy rating. Not all steel frame manufacturers offer this option.
  • MAXISPAN uses structural machine screws to join framing members. They are superior to rivets, which can vibrate loose while the frames are being transported to the build site.
  • The thickness of the TRUECORE┬« steel that is used to produce the MAXISPAN frame can be upgraded in challenging design and construction situations.
  • The computer program used to produce MAXISPAN frames has an engineering feature which determines the percentage utilisation of each component. The draftsperson can modify the configuration of the members to satisfy engineering requirements.
  • MAXISPAN employs a team of experienced, dedicated personnel committed to continual advancement of their products and services.

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